Mélange Longsleeve ♀

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The cut

  • fitted,
  • high front, low back,
  • raglan sleeve,
  • stand-up collar.


  • four, including smaller one with a reflective zip,
  • the middle pocket is large enough to fit a longer pump or smartphone in 'plus' size,
  • side pockets, cut ​​'at an angle' to make it easier to reach for gels or bars,
  • all pockets sewn to a thick elastic band, strategically placed on the inside of the jersey.


  • small 'flaps' concealing the zip on both sides - they protect both: the neck against scratching and shorts from damage,
  • eyelets for the headphone cord. One on the shoulder, two others in the previously mentioned elastic band, above the central and right pockets. Additional two 'loops' strategically placed inside the jersey.

Comfort range

  • early autumn and late spring rides,
  • chilly mornings and evenings,
  • suggested temperature range: +10°C to +20°C.



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