Pure Burgundy ♂

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The cut: Long Day in the Saddle

  • higher front, lower back,
  • straight sleeve,
  • stand-up collar,
  • reversible cuffs.


  • five, including smaller one with a reflective zip and one on the side panel - ideal for used gels and bars wrappings,
  • side pockets, cut ​​'at an angle' to make it easier to reach for gels or bars,
  • all pockets sewn to a thick elastic band, strategically placed on the inside of the jersey.


  • small 'flaps' concealing the zip. It protects the shorts from damage and neck from abrasions,
  • eyelets for the headphone cord.

78% - polyamide
22% - spandex

Made in Poland with Italian fabrics only.

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