World's Best Bib Shorts ♂

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Pure, timeless black.

Meet World's Best Bib Shorts.
Designed for long, longer and the longest of rides.

Ever wondered if THE most expensive pad on the market makes a difference? Well, it does. Otherwise, we wouldn't have sold over 10.000 of our bibs, would we?


  • Italian fabrics only,
  • each leg made from one panel (minimizing the number of seams),
  • lycra used in production is soft to the touch ('silky') and very elastic - you will not find any compression factor in it, we focus on comfort only,
  • top-of-the-line Elastic Interface pad (Endurance Anatomic Road Men model), designed for 7h+ rides,
  • elastic band grippers with high (in Regular) and low (in Long) elasticity,
  • choice of two different lengths: Regular or Long (approx. +5 cms). 

80% - polyamide
20% - spandex

Made in Poland with Italian fabrics only.


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